Getting In-Feed Sponsored Content Right

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Edelman Berland conducted a study on how U.S. online news users feel about sponsored content and, importantly, what it takes for brands, publishers and agencies to get it right. The study focused on in-feed ads like sponsored stories that sit next to pure editorial. The key takeaway is that we found ...


Paper, plastic, or neither? This ubiquitous question posed at the checkout aisle was recently examined in a comprehensive consumer study by Edelman Berland. Amidst a trend of grocery bag regulations in some cities and states, ‘reusable’ shopping bags which include non-woven polypropylene and low density polyethylene bags, are often emphasized in legislation as an environmentally friendly alternative to paper and ...


A few days ago, we heard that Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is looking at ways it can sell the personal data of UK taxpayers to private firms. The announcement has been derided by civil liberties campaigners including David Davis MP, a senior Conservative, who called the decision “borderline insane.” Davis told The Guardian: “It defies logic that we would remove ...


Highlights from the PR News Measurement Conference

On Tuesday, Erica Beer and I attended the annual PR News Measurement Conference at the National Press Building here in DC. In addition to the exciting line-up of speakers and case studies presented, we had the great pleasure to see Pauline inducted into the PR News Measurement Hall of ...


Edelman’s annual Trust Barometer examines the opinions, attitudes and behaviors of two global groups of individuals: the general public and the informed public. The latter group consists of adults who are college-educated, in the top 25 percent income bracket for their age group in their country, report regular media consumption and are engaged in business news and public policy. In effect, ...


A Day for Trust

A couple of weeks ago James Turner and I attended a workshop in Paris on the subject of trust in government. Our hosts, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), had titled the event “Joint Learning for an OECD Trust Strategy” and invited a global mix of individuals from the private, public and third sectors to ...


At its most basic level, an online community is an invitation-only, private-access website for conducting research with a carefully selected target audience. Put another way, it’s like having a small, private Facebook just for research. Businesses are increasingly turning to customer feedback and specifically online communities to generate insights, but insights don’t just appear (though we often wish they did). Successful ...


Getting Your Five A Day?

The government wants us to eat five portions of fruit & veg every day; why not engage with five different news sources each day as well – it would be equally as healthy for you, and for the wider world.


The Millennial generation is the largest, most diverse, educated and complicated group of shoppers the world has ever seen. With the median age of the world population at 28, this generation is taking on a world of intense complexity and is blazing new paths and identities not seen from generations before them. As the generation steps into their 20’s and 30’s, their purchase decisions and job preferences will change business forever.


The countdown is on…only 2 more days until the official kickoff of the holiday shopping season: Black Friday.  Traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving has been referred to as the busiest shopping day of the year, but with the convenience of online shopping more and more shoppers are hitting snooze.  Many retailers now offer the same great doorbuster deals online as ...