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Market Research

What kind of research-based consulting does Edelman Berland offer?

Edelman Berland is a full-service, custom research provider that offers the entire range of market research, media and conversation analytics and competitive intelligence services to help its clients build data driven strategies.

Typical assignments are attitudes and usage studies, message development and testing, brand positioning, ad testing, and thought leadership studies.

We use the appropriate set of research tools for each assignment, leveraging standard market research tools like telephone and online surveys, microtargeting, focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnographies, dial testing, eye tracking and hosted online communities. In fact, we often use these research tools in combination, beginning with exploratory qualitative research and sharpening our insights with quantitative research.

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What research methodologies does Edelman Berland offer?

Edelman Berland conducts both quantitative (phone and online surveys) and qualitative (focus groups, in-depth interviews, hosted online communities and ethnographies) research.

We typically use these methodologies in concert . First we leverage qualitative methods to explore the topic, capture audience language, get inside the world of the target audience, and hone our approach. Then we use quantitative research to gain projectible data, and benchmark and segment the audience.

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When is qualitative research appropriate and when is quantitative research appropriate?

Qualitative research such as focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnographies and hosted online communities are excellent tools for (a) better understanding a target audience, (b) testing basic hypotheses before quantitative research, (c) probing for the underlying motivations and emotional drivers, (d) capturing the language a target audience uses and (e) formulating messaging and product design. Qualitative research is not statistically projectible, but it is directional.

Quantitative research such as phone and online surveys is statistically projectible. It is numerically quantifiable and depends on large sample sizes. Quantitative research is best used for (a) benchmarking and tracking, (b) segmentation, and (c) final message testing.

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What are your fees?

No two projects are alike. Each assignment differs in its focus, target audience, and data collection methodologies. Edelman Berland is committed to finding cost-effective research programs to fit any budget range.

Many factors drive research costs. For example, key cost drivers for qualitative research are the size and availability of the target audience(s) and the number of groups conducted. Because most marketing and communications campaigns have several target segments, they typically conduct focus groups among each segment or focus on the segment they believe is most critical. For survey research, cost drivers are (a) the cooperation rate of the target audience, (b) sample size, and (c) survey length.

If you are attempting to price custom research, we recommend consulting with Edelman Berland staff by calling 877-374-0813 or emailing

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How long does a typical project take from authorization to completion?

Edelman Berland prides itself on the fastest possible turnaround consistent with quality. Speed is one of our core values.

There are five (5) phases to any research project. These are (1) the preparation phase where the methodology is identified and sample or recruiting is conducted, (2) the instrument creation phase, (3) the data collection phase, (4) the analysis phase and (5) the reporting phase. Phases 1 and 2 typically run concurrently, while the others are sequential.

In qualitative research, recruiting participants for focus groups takes two weeks and the focus groups are conducted the following week with an interim report generated by the end of the third week.

In quantitative research the timelines differ dramatically based on the target audience and the nature of the assignment. Surveys can typically be fielded for data collection over several days. The most time is typically taken in the instrument creation phase and the analysis phase. This is especially true when significant segmentation or microtargeting is involved. This entire process typically takes 3-4 weeks, but can be dramatically compressed if the survey instrument can be finalized rapidly.

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What are the final deliverables?

For qualitative research, Edelman Berland’s final deliverables are (1) a full report with findings and recommendations, (2) written transcripts of the focus groups or in-depth interviews, and (3) a final client presentation.

For quantitative research, Edelman Berland’s final deliverables are (1) an annotated questionnaire (sometimes called a topline or interview schedule), (2) crosstabulations, (3) a final report with key findings, recommendations and supporting charts and graphs, and (4) a final client presentation.

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Has Edelman Berland research been covered in the media?

Yes. For recent examples see the News section of our website.

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Where does Edelman Berland conduct research?

Edelman Berland has conducted research in every continent and has capabilities in nearly any language.

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Communications & Measurement Analytics

What is your media analytics methodology?

Our methodologies have been developed by MBAs, Statisticians, and graduates with Psychology, Marketing and Communications degrees.

We are active members of the Society for Competitive Intelligence Professionals and AMEC. We use standard randomization methods and well known statistical technologies. Our enhanced sentiment methodologies are continually in development with assistance from linguists.

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What is the format for reports?

Edelman Berland provides standard and custom formats for any client need. Our objective is to align our measurement and deliverable design for the audience. Our deliverables are currently designed for Boards of Directors, C-suite, PR and Brand Managers and CMOs, to name a few.

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What are your fees?

Edelman Berland provides a range of solutions from the very basic and automated to the highly multifaceted delivered by highly qualified analysts. The automated solutions, such as our OAR, online automated report, eliminate the need to use Google alerts or conduct any online manual searching. OAR searches across all online news, blogs and message boards and has a reasonable one time or ongoing fee.

The custom and highly intricate solutions are integrated into the strategy and measurement of a program’s operations. The value for the solutions becomes evident immediately upon delivery.

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