Healthcare – Healthcare Products Trade Association

Empowering consumers to take charge of their health

Challenge: In fall of 2010, a healthcare products trade association called upon Edelman Berland to explore national attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors surrounding personal health management. Specifically, the goal of the research was to produce counter-intuitive, media-genic data proof-points around the pillars of the client’s program: safety/effectiveness, convenience, empowerment and affordability – in order to drive perceptions of over-the-counter (OTC) medication as a vital tool in family healthcare.

Research: Edelman Berland conducted a two-phased quantitative research study. To begin, Edelman Berland fielded a 15-minute national consumer telephone survey among 1,000 general consumers and oversamples of 200 Hispanic and 200 African American consumers. Edelman Berland then conducted a 10-minute online survey among 500 primary care physicians in the United States.

Insights: Overall, this research provided the organization with evidence of the opportunity OTC medicines provide for consumers to take charge of their own health. Notably, this research revealed the difference in perception of OTC medicines among the general consumer and Hispanic and African American consumers.

Action: Ultimately, this research supported the client’s goal of driving perception of the OTC medication as a vital tool by providing critical evidence that the majority of consumers feel that OTC medicines empower consumers to take charge of their own health. Following the success of this research program, the client requested a follow-up study in which Edelman Berland has re-contacted several of the original respondents.