McDonald’s Gets the Gold

Due to the increase in social media since the Beijing Olympics, some are describing this year’s Games as the first “Socialympics.” Like the athletes, the Olympic Sponsors have taken to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to amplify their brands beyond the traditional 30-second TV spot. The Associated Press wrote that the London Games will be “the most tweeted, liked, and tagged in history.” With over 900 million Facebook accounts and more than 500 million Twitter users, some Olympic sponsors are sure to win big, while others will miss the mark.

If pre-Olympic buzz among the 2012 Worldwide Olympic Partners was a competition, the current results would look something like this:

  1. Gold: McDonald’s with 90,911 mentions
  2. Silver: Coca-Cola with 60,271 mentions
  3. Bronze: Samsung with 54,210 mentions

The coveted gold medal goes to McDonald’s, with more than 90,000 online conversations since January linking them to the Olympics. McDonald’s conversation is spiking as the opening ceremonies approach and could quickly crowd out the competition. But not all press good press. The online conversations are largely criticizing the decision to have McDonald’s be the official restaurant sponsor of the world’s greatest sporting event.

With more than 60,000 mentions, Coca-Cola easily secures the silver. Whereas Samsung was more prominently visible in blogs, Coca-Cola established a significant presence on Twitter. Twitter users shared links to YouTube videos posted by the company, and photos of the company’s new special edition Olympic Games soda cans and packaging.

Samsung earns the bronze with over 54,000 Olympic mentions since January 1. As the “official smartphone of the 2012 London Olympics,” Samsung’s Galaxy S3 III has created quite a buzz among consumers.

With only days to go before the Opening Ceremony, which brand will win the Olympic sponsor race? Stay tuned for updates during and after the games.

Most Talked about Olympic Sponsors Infographic



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Rick Wion
July 27th, 2012 on 12:15 pm

Interesting infographic. At McDonald’s we are trying to steer the conversation about our Olympics partnership to focus on the balanced throughout our menu including the 40 items that under 400 calories. By promoting our lower calorie foods (including salads and smoothies), we hope to increase awareness of the nutrition within our menu.

Rick Wion
McDonald’s USA

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