Infographic: Field to Fork 2012

As U.S. consumers are more closely linking what they eat to their personal well-being, it appears the food industry has a big gap to fill when it comes to helping consumers fulfill those needs. According to the latest Field to Fork study conducted by Edelman Berland for Edelman, more than half of U.S. grocery shoppers cite processed foods (additives/ preservatives, saturated fats) and chemicals in foods (hormones/pesticides) as the leading factors that have put our country’s food production process on the wrong track.

This infographic presents some of the data about how consumers view the issues surrounding the U.S. supply chain.

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Field to Fork Infographic


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August 1st, 2012 on 2:46 pm

This is a pretty cool flyer, but your consumer snapshots seem pretty wonky. Did you not survey any low class, racially segregated neighborhoods? These are the ones hardest hit by the horrific food industry practices, and the ones who would benefit most from being surveyed on these issues so that they are aware.

Also, one doesn’t have to be under 35 to be low-income and not willing to make themself a meal.

The descriptions aren’t bad, just weird, and show a lack of creativity as well as some odd assumptions on the part of the census.

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