The Evolving Role of Brands for the World’s Largest and Most Impactful Generation

The Millennial generation is the largest, most diverse, educated and complicated group of shoppers the world has ever seen. With the median age of the world population at 28, this generation is taking on a world of intense complexity and is blazing new paths and identities not seen from generations before them. As the generation steps into their 20’s and 30’s, their purchase decisions and job preferences will change business forever.

The Edelman 8095® team is excited to share a refresh of its study of the Millennial generation, those born between 1980 and 1995, to help you understand how to engage this most influential group.

A Look Back

In 2010, Edelman unveiled 8095®, a global insights group and study of Millennials that explores the generation’s relationship with brands. The 8095® study was the first to reveal truths about the generation that remain common discussion today, including the insight that brands are a partnership and a form of self-expression for Millennials.

8095® 2.0

Today, Edelman and Edelman Berland refreshed the 8095® study to explore how the generation is changing the world and the implications for marketers when “average” is no longer enough. 8095® 2.0 examines 8095er’s view of success – in life, in work, in relationships – and reveals how marketers can support the generation’s new definition of contentment and also create new moments of identity and success. Coming of age during one of the worst global recessions ever, we explore the new dreams that drive Millennials in an attempt to uncover the needs and desires that, if supported, can be game changers in their relationships with brands.

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