Restaurants & Food Service – International Food & Beverage Company

Tracking Media Impact on Buying Behavior

Challenge: The client, an international food and beverage company, retained Edelman Berland to track how marketing campaigns, as well as recent media coverage, influenced American consumers’ awareness and perception of the brand, as well as consumers’ purchasing habits. Integral to this task was the development of a comprehensive benchmark from which the client could track the effects of multiple marketing efforts and media coverage.

Research: Edelman Berland began by fielding a nationally representative benchmark telephone survey among 1,000 American consumers. Next, we fielded a series of tracking telephone surveys which (1) measured the effectiveness of marketing materials through the course of the campaign, both on a national level and in key target markets, and (2) measured reactions to recent media coverage, including how well key messaging in earned media resonated with consumers.

Insight: Edelman Berland discovered the key demographics with which marketing materials and key messaging resonated. Edelman Berland was also able to pinpoint which communications channels were the most successful, which were not, and why. In addition, Edelman Berland has been able to provide the client with continual tracking information, allowing them to understand both the short-term and long-term effects of various initiatives and widespread media coverage.

Action: This research continues to provide the client with the ability to refine the look, feel and placement of marketing materials in order to gain maximum impact, as well as continually gauge consumer reactions to media coverage, allowing them to adjust communications accordingly.