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Shape What’s to Come

Methodology: Edelman Berland conducted a two-phase research program. Beginning with the qualitative phase, Edelman Berland conducted a comprehensive, global literature review and focus groups among Millennial women in the United States, France, and Japan. Edelman Berland then fielded a 15-minute quantitative telephone survey among a representative sample of 1,000 Millennial women aged 21 to 20 across five countries: Brazil, France, Japan, the US, and the UK.

Insights: The results of this study found that women entering adulthood today are more expressive, seek independence, and don’t feel the need to approach adulthood in the same way that older generations have. The study also finds that these women value the perspective of other women, to the tune of 94% believing that the best mentors are those who can both give and receive advice.

Action: This research resulted in significant media coverage and was critical in informing the launch of Levi’s first female jean line.