Tools & Solutions

We have developed and offer a wide range of cutting-edge tools and solutions that allow you to engage smarter – knowing before you act and helping you measure progress and optimize your approach.The Edelman Berland Intelligent Engagement system (EBIE) provides a dynamic and multi-angle view into our clients’ challenges — getting under the surface in the right way to unlock insights that lead to intelligent engagements.


Edelman Berland Dashboard

The Edelman Berland Dashboard puts immediate and constant information and intelligence at your command, allowing you to stay one-step ahead in a constantly changing environment. Powered by real-time analysis and ...


Strategic Research Tools

With engaging, user-friendly interfaces, gamification techniques, and multi-media testing, our strategic research tools transform traditional online surveys into interactive respondent experiences. Better surveys. Better results. Our strategic research tools provide respondents ...


Berland Communities

Imagine an invitation-only website where you could engage dozens or hundreds of your target stakeholders in conversations to help co-create message, strategy and product alike.  From surveys to discussions, ...