Berland Communities

Imagine an invitation-only website where you could engage dozens or hundreds of your target stakeholders in conversations to help co-create message, strategy and product alike.  From surveys to discussions, video confessionals to photo galleries – all on one platform.

That’s the power of Berland Communities.

Edelman Berland's Community Platform

Social. Engaging. Always-On.

Ranging in size from 50 to 500 individuals, our market research online communities focus on intimate, ongoing engagement which leads to…

  • Empowered audiences engaged in candid conversations
  • Longitudinal connections for nuanced, iterative learning
  • Real-time results with “on-call” insights only a click away
  • Unanticipated ideas through member-to-member conversations

One platform, multiple methodologies.

Our community platform features a suite of learning tools and methodologies. While each offers a unique functionality, when combined, they provide an unparalleled platform for uncovering those hard-to-find-insights.

  • SurveysSurveys
    Robust tool for a combination of up to 15 closed and/or open-ended questions
  • DiscussionsDiscussions
    A moderated, in-depth conversation across members on any pertinent question or topic
  • Live ChatsLive Chats
    Real-time conversations similar to a focus group, but without geographical boundaries
  • VisualsVisuals
    Photo uploads and video confessionals provide illustrative feedback and insight
  • Custom ProjectsMobile
    Smartphone and Tablet access for in-the-moment insights and experiential feedback

Who’s listening to their stakeholders?

PluggedIN Communities Clients
Since 2006, we have helped companies like Unilever, Crayola, Pfizer, Dove and Nestlé use online communities to develop deep insights about their customers on an continuous basis. We can help you to develop a community strategy aligned around the needs of your organization, helping to turn insights into a source of competitive advantage.

Start your market research online community today!

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