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Leading Edge Marketing Research: 21st-Century Tools and Practices

In the just-published “Leading Edge Marketing Research: 21st-Century Tools and Practices”, Edelman Berland’s Bob Moran covers the forces driving the development of the industry and outlines 22 plausible futures for the evolution of market research, including some that are on the very edge of the horizon today.

Bob joins nearly 40 authors – many considered visionaries in the field of research and marketing – providing rich new tools to measure and analyze consumer attitudes, combined with existing databases, online bulletin boards, social media, neuroscience, radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, behavioral economics, and more.

Key Features:

  • Discusses real world leading-edge approaches to improving practice, demonstrating how insights in research can lead to breakthroughs in marketing, merchandising, and operational strategies
  • Proves how marketing researchers are becoming increasingly skillful in studying consumer behavior, showing readers how to move from asking questions to observing actual behavior in order to obtain more valid information
  • Includes cases representing up-to-date, in-depth applications of client-sponsored research aimed at solving urgent real-world research problems and providing the reader with a model for conducting similar research
  • Reveals techniques used in commissioned research, which have rarely been shared with the marketing industry or students until now, allowing readers to benefit from trade secrets

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